I graduated as a riding teacher from the Icelandic Equestrian University, Hólaskóli, in 2001. Since then I have been teaching both within Iceland and abroad. In 2005 I qualified as a high-school teacher from the University of Akureyri.


The teacher needs to work in cooperation with the student to set goals for his/her training. I believe it is extremely important that there is a good understanding between the students and teacher. The students should feel comfortable, both with the teacher and within the group, they should feel free to ask questions at any stage and discuss what they have learned and experienced.

I always try my best to insure that my students understand what I teach, that is why I explain every exercise thoroughly as well as any advice that I give. For most people riding is a leisure activity and the teacher needs to keep in mind that the student should feel comfortable and have fun while learning something new!


Currently I offer riding lessons and other services at Arrisholt in Allgau, where I now live, but I also travel to give riding-courses as well as breeding courses or other seminars all over Germany as well as in various other countries, including Austria, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Faeroe Islands, New Zealand, Australia, USA and Iceland. As a teacher in Hólaskóli from 2006-2009 I tought courses concerning “Behaviour of Horses and young horse pretraining” and the “The History of Riding” and the topics below are the most common ones I offer seminars in:


– the behaviour science of horses

– genetics of horse colours

– history of the art of riding

– history of breeding judging

– the horses biomechanics

– building up the riding horse in the correct way

– and more.

If you would like to book a course/seminar or simply come for a lesson, please get in contact with me.