Since I was a teenager I’ve been taking photos. I’m especially fascinated with horses of course, as they are my main passion.

For more than a decade I’ve been working as a freelance journalist and photographer and have sold my photos to magazines as well as individuals. I still would not consider myself as a professional at all, but I especially with horses I am well aware of what it takes to get a good photo and with some luck the outcome can be quite nice. Some of my photos can be seen here on this website, as well as the websites from Arrisholt, Thingeyrar and in the Icelandic Rider Badges Books.

I’ve managed to accumulate a large collection of photos from various horse-events in the past years. The idea is to make these photos available to order from a database on my website.

The camera that I’m using at the moment is a Canon D40 with multiple lenses and flash when needed.

If you’re interested in my photography service, then please contact me.